Welcome to School Leadership Programmes – the Signature Programme is brought to you by School Leadership Unit, Brunei Darussalam Leadership and Teacher Academy.

Each participant at respective tier will have to complete the training modules within the stated timeline before proceeding to the next tiers.
The Signature Series is a 4-tiered signature programme uniquely designed to build leadership capacity for aspiring school leaders towards principalship over a series of semesters. The 4-tiered signature programme provides professional leadership learning that are specifically build for their individual development and career stages. It caters to aspiring and current school leaders ranging from Head of Departments, Senior Masters or Senior Mistresses, Deputy Principals, Assistant Headmasters or Headmistresses, to Principals. It employs an action-based approach where school leaders combine practice, theories and research into their learning.
Find out more about our Signature Series according to tiers here.