Welcome to School Leadership Programmes – the Tool Box Series brought to you by School Leadership Unit, Brunei Darussalam Leadership and Teacher Academy.

The Tool Box Series provides learning opportunities for school leaders on trending, evidence-informed or technology-mediated knowledge solutions and innovations in educational leadership practices. It provides hand-on practical use of strategies or tools found to be effective and beneficial. The Tool Box Series also provides a platform for school leaders to share ideas, learn practical and effective approaches to problem-solving skills as well as network with experts and peers.
Toolbox series offered for 2022:
TB101Leading with Microsoft Teams (Basic) Group 11,2,3,412,19 February 2022Application is fullView Here
CE401Global Citizenship Education (GCED)410,15,21,29 March 2022Application is fullView Here
TB101Leading with Microsoft Teams (Basic) Group 21,2,3,47,12 March 2022Application is fullView Here
DL101Data Collection1,2,3,423 March 2022Application is full
DL301Digital Leadership Group 11,2,3,419,26 May 2022Application is full
DL102Data Cleaning1,2,3,414 May 2022Application is full
TB201Staff Notebook with MS Teams (Intermediate Level) Group 11,2,3,411,18 June 2022Application is full
DL202Data Visualization and Presentation1,2,3,413,20 June 2022Apply
DL203Data Analysis1,2,3,425,28 July 2022Apply
DL303Data Forecasting1,2,3,420 August 2022Apply
TB201Staff Notebook with MS Teams (Intermediate Level) G21,2,3,48,15 August 2022Apply
DL302Digital Culture G21,2,3,48,12 November 2022Apply
Date(s) of training’s are listed as of April 2022. Training dates are subject to changes.