These are for Senior Masters/Mistress and Assistant Senior Masters/Mistress
Courses offered for Tier 2. Browse the school leadership competency-based training modules below
1VI201Discovering Our Why22,23,29,30 Jan 2024Course Content
1SP202Performance GAP Analysis13,19,20 Feb 2024
4,6,7,9 Mar 2024
Course Content
1IL201Managing & Implementing Curriculum7,14 May 2024Course Content
1IL205Leading Deep Learning + GCED18,22 June 2024
+ Asynchronous
Course Content
1EI201Leadership in ColoursAsynchronousCourse Content
1HRM101Lead to ServeAsynchronousCourse Content
1IL107Learning TheoriesAsynchronousCourse Content
1DM201Mind Trap26,29 Aug 2024Course Content
2DL201KMO Data Analysis9,21 Sep 2024Course Content
2SP201Leading Strategic Growth & Change26,28 Sep 2024
3,5 Oct 2024
Course Content
3NC201Negotiation for Win-Win OutcomeFebruary 2025Course Content
3IL203Design ThinkingMarch 2025Course Content
3CM201Change ManagementAsynchronousCourse Content
3SC202Effective Stakeholder EngagementAsynchronousCourse Content
Signature Series Tier 2 will take three semesters or one and a half years to complete. To sign up for Signature Series Tier 2 course, please Register Here