These are for Deputy Principals or Assistant Headmasters/Mistresse
Courses offered for Tier 3. Browse the school leadership competency-based training modules below
1VI301Think Like A Futurist22,23,29,31 Jan 2024Course Content
1SP301Strategic Leadership Intro Data5,7 Feb 2024
2,9 Mar 2024
Course Content
1IL304Leading Data Driven Culture13,20 Feb 2024Course Content
1SP301Strategic Leadership Part 218,20,22 Apr 2024
13,15 June 2024
Course Content
1SP301Strategic Leadership Design Thinking25,27 Apr 2024Course Content
1SP301Strategic Leadership Data KPI6,11 May 2024Course Content
1SP302Project Management27,30 May 2024
4 June 2024
Course Content
1HRM301Human Resource Management18,20,25,27 June 2024Course Content
1HRM101Lead to ServeAsynchronousCourse Content
2IL301New Learning: The Principles behind
Didactic, Authentic & Transformative
9,11,16,18 July 2024Course Content
2CM301Change Management23,25,27,30 July 2024Course Content
2IL107Learning TheoriesAsynchronousCourse Content
Signature Series Tier 3 will take two semesters or one year to complete. To sign up for Signature Series Tier 3 course, please Register Here