About Teachers Unit, BDLTA

“By Teachers, For Teachers, For Our Children”

The Brunei Darussalam Teacher Academy (BDTA) was established to support teachers’ professional learning with a clear focus on improving teaching as a powerful means to improve students’ learning outcomes. In addition to upgrading the teaching career as a professional field in Brunei Darussalam. BDTA was established in June 2013 and inaugurated in February 2014. The establishment of BDTA is intended to develop and build new skills and capacity for the teaching work force. This will enhance the quality of learning towards academic excellence and develop students hollistically in line with the Ministry of Education’s Strategic Plan 2018-2022 and Brunei Vision 2035. A lifelong learning approach is undertaken to prepare and implement professional development programmes that aim to improve and enhance the quality of teaching and learning of teachers.

Meet Our Facilitators

Dr Roslena binti PDIS Haji Johari
Head of Teachers Unit
Lead Facilitator
Email: roslena.johari@bdta.moe.edu.bn
Hajah Nor Irniwati binti Haji Ismail
Lead Facilitator
Email: norirniwati.ismail@bdta.moe.edu.bn
Dr Haji Ade Shahren bin Haji Suhaili
Lead Facilitator
Email: ade.suhaili@bdta.moe.edu.bn
Dr Vincent Andrew
Lead Facilitator
Email: vincent.andrew@bdta.moe.edu.bn
Mohammad Sahrol Faizan bin Haji Ali
Lead Facilitator
Email: sahrol@bdta.moe.edu.bn
Mohammad Syafiq bin Haji Abu Bakar
Lead Facilitator
Email: syafiq.bakar@bdta.moe.edu.bn
Koh Guat Gee
Lead Facilitator
Email: guatgee.koh@bdta.moe.edu.bn
Norsidah Hj Masri
Lead Facilitator
Email: norsidah.masri@bdta.moe.edu.bn
Mohamad Zuno Kartono bin Hj Ali
Lead Facilitator
Email: zuno.ali@bdta.moe.edu.bn