About School Leadership Unit, BDLTA

Learners Today | Leaders Tomorrow

At the School Leadership Unit, Brunei Darussalam Leadership and Teacher Academy (BDLTA) we believe in nurturing and empowering educators to be lifelong learners. In alignment with BDLTA’s mission to provide continuous and quality professional development programmes for teachers and school leaders towards students’ excellence, we are dedicated to provide support to aspirant and current school leaders through professional development opportunities tailoring to the learning needs of school leaders holding various leadership positions working in educational settings.

Our Values

Lead to Serve

To lead is to serve; to be compassionate, humble and respectful; to empower and lead by example.

Make a Difference

Commitment to do the best; produce quality outcomes with integrity; courage to challenge the status quo.

Embrace Innovation

Always be curious and learn; evolve with time; collaborate to innovate.

Programme Offered in Unit Kepimpinan Sekolah, BDLTA

Meet Our Facilitators

Jennifer Wong Yok Ting
Head of School Leadership Unit
Lead Facilitator
Email: jennifer.wong@bdta.moe.edu.bn
Haji Mohamed Najib bin Haji Md Basir
Lead Facilitator
Email: najib.basir@bdta.moe.edu.bn
Noelda Iryani binti Haji Tarip
Lead Facilitator
Email: noelda.tarip@bdta.moe.edu.bn
Baharin bin Haji Ibrahim
Lead Facilitator
Email: baharin.ibrahim@bdta.moe.edu.bn
Muhd Nurul Hafiz bin Haji Mohd Yussof
Lead Facilitator
Email: hafiz.yussof@bdta.moe.edu.bn
Nazirah binti Haji Mohammad
Lead Facilitator
Email: nazirah.mohammad@bdta.moe.edu.bn