Welcome to the Teacher Development Programmes – the Bespoke Series is brought to you by Teachers Unit, Brunei Darussalam Leadership and Teacher Academy.

The Bespoke Series are designed specific to the needs of individual schools with a competency-based approach, linked closely to school development planning and support teacher professional learning as well as their translation into classroom practice.

For further Information regarding the Bespoke Series, please contact one of the Unit Tenaga Pengajar, BDLTAs’ Officers listed below:

Dr Roslena binti PDIS Haji Johariroslena.johari@bdta.moe.edu.bn
Hajah Nor Irniwati binti Haji Ismailnorirniwati.ismail@bdta.moe.edu.bn
Dr Haji Ade Shahren bin Haji Suhailiade.suhaili@bdta.moe.edu.bn
Dr Vincent Andrewvincent.andrew@bdta.moe.edu.bn
Mohammad Sahrol Faizan bin Haji Alisahrol@bdta.moe.edu.bn
Mohammad Syafiq bin Haji Abu Bakarsyafiq.bakar@bdta.moe.edu.bn
Koh Guat Geeguatgee.koh@bdta.moe.edu.bn
Norsidah Haji Masrinorsidah.masri@bdta.moe.edu.bn