About Specialist Unit, BDLTA

“By Teachers, For Teachers, For Our Children”

At the Specialist Unit, Brunei Darussalam Teacher Academy (BDTA) we believe in nurturing and empowering educators to be lifelong learners. In alignment with BDTA’s mission to Provide Continuous and Quality Professional Development Programmes for Teachers and School Leaders Towards Students’ Excellence, we are dedicated to provide support and training to selected and eligible educators meeting the specialist criteria through professional development in various areas of specialization required by the Ministry of Education.

The Specialist Unit acts as the coordinator for the training programmes in collaborations with various Departments within the Ministry of Education who provide the major part of the competency-based training.

Core Values

Adaptable Leaders

Serve as specialist to school in preparation of research proposals to ensure school education plan is relevant to the current education trend.

Delivery Quality Performance

Knowledgeable and skillful to deliver impactful performance in teaching and learning.

Humble and Kind

Providing services to others with humility and compassion.


Resilient And Effective Educational Specialist.

Meet Our Team

Chong Yun Onn
Head of Specialist Unit
Lead Facilitator
Email: chong.onn@bdta.moe.edu.bn
Rosnani binti Puasa
Abdul Hamid bin Haji Hussein