Welcome to School Leadership Programmes – the Modular Series brought to you by School Leadership Unit, Brunei Darussalam Teacher Academy.

Tier 1 :These are for teachers with leadership potentials or Head of Department and their assistants
Tier 2 :These are for Senior Masters/Mistress and Assistant Senior Masters/Mistress
Tier 3 :These are for Deputy Principals or Assistant Headmasters/Mistresses
Tier 4 :These are for Principals or Headmasters/Mistresses

Browse the school leadership competency-based training modules offered for 2021 below:

CodeTitleTiers OfferedDateCourse Content
VI101Personal Mastery11,3,8 April 2021Course Content
HRM101Lead to Serve128,30 Jan 2021
1,4 March 2021
Course Content
IL107Learning Theory16,8 Feb 2021Course Content
EI101Personality Plus112 June 2021Course Content
EI102Introduction to Emotional Intelligence114,15,19,21,22,24 June 2021Course Content
IL101Instructional Practices1    

1,3,8,10,12,17,24, 29,31 July 2021
2 Aug 2021
10,12,14,19,21,22, 24,26,28,29 June 2021
Course Content
IL102Classroom Assessment Practices126,28 Aug 2021Course Content
IL103Feedback Culture14,7 Oct 2021Course Content
IL104Differentiated Instruction19,14 Oct 2021Course Content
IL105Unpacking & Repacking Curriculum using TPACK116,21,23 Oct 2021Course Content
IL106Teacher as Researcher111,13 Nov 2021Course Content
SP103Data Analysis & Interpretation11,3,8,10 April 2021Course Content
MC101Introduction to Mentoring & Coaching1,41,3 July 2021Course Content
MC102Mentoring & Coaching Essentials1,4
5,7,12,14 Aug 2021
Course Content
ET101Building Effective Teams14,6 March 2021Course Content
CM103Project management1,44,5,7,9,11 Oct 2021Course Content
FI101Managing School Budget1,428,29 June 2021Course Content
FI102Monitoring School Finance1,45,6 April 2021Course Content
FI103Financial Governance1,412,14 Aug 2021Course Content
IL107Learning Theory21,3 April 2021Course Content
HRM101Lead to Serve26,8,10,12 April 2021Course Content
EI201Leadership in Colours221,23 Jan 2021Course Content
VI201Discovering Our WHY2

28,30 Jan 2021
4,6 Feb 2021
31 Aug
2, 4, 7 Sept 2021
Course Content
SP201Leading Strategic Growth & Change25,8,10,12,17,22, 29,31 July 2021
5,7 Aug 2021
Course Content
FA101Facility Management2,327,29 May 2021Course Content
SC201Building A School Partnership Community2,33,5 June 2021Course Content
CM201Change Management214,16,21,23 Oct 2021Course Content
CO201Communicating Change24,6,11,13 Nov 2021Course Content
IL201Managing & Implementing Curriculum2,41,3 July 2021Course Content
IL202Facilitating CPD2,416,17,23,24 Aug 2021Course Content
CO202Public Relations Communications3,412,14 Oct 2021Course Content
NC201Negotiation for Win-Win Outcome2,45,8,10,12 July 2021Course Content
IL107Learning Theory318,20 Feb 2021Course Content
HRM101Lead to Serve31,4,6,8 March 2021Course Content
VI301Think Like a Futurist3

3,5,7,9 Aug 2021
6,7,9,11 Sept 2021
Course Content
SP301Strategic Leadership3

10, 12,14,19,21
24,26 June 2021
1 & 22 July 2021
16, 17, 19, 21, 23, 24, 26, 28, 30, 31 Aug 2021
Course Content
CM301Change Management34,5 Oct 2021Course Content
IL301New Learning: The Principles behind Didactic, Authentic & Transformative Pedagogies3
5,7,12,19 Aug 2021
18,20,25,27 Nov 2021
Course Content
IL302Implication of Learning Theories to Teaching and Learning321,26 Aug 2021Course Content
IL303Leading an Action Research Culture3

28 Aug 2021
2 Sept 2021
25,28 Oct 2021
Course Content
SP302Risk Management3

28,30 Oct 2021
4,6 Nov 2021
12,14,19,21 Oct 2021
6,7,9,11 Sept 2021
Course Content

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